Learning French doesn't have to be complicated, overwhelming or expensive.

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Learning French doesn't have to be complicated, overwhelming or expensive.

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Through online content, free monthly Zoom masterclasses, various memberships and private tutoring, I help hundreds of people gain confidence in French.

"It is awesome to spend an hour each day being immersed in French conversation. To follow a conversation has been my dream for so long...this time last year, I wouldn't have understood a word!"

- Jen V

If you have already done some French, there will be a membership for you.

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The name says it all. L'Essentiel Membership gives you access to all the content of The French Hack. Grammar, tenses, exercises, rules, crosswords, videos, vocab lists...it's all there, it's like having your French tutor in your pocket!

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VCE/IB (year 11&12)


For students attending years 11 & 12 French, VCE or IB. Access to all online content – with a "VCE and IB Pitstop" + Zoom Room open every day from 6-7pm for mentoring through the school year.

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The French Loft


The French Loft Membership is your passport to living your best French life with moi wherever you are in the world.

It's not just about picking up the language; it's about adopting some very much-loved ways the French do things.

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Private Tutoring

Sometimes, before an exam or when one has a specific need, private tutoring is a great option.


Client Love

Alex was immensely helpful with our daughter. She was clear, concise and always optimistic.

Kate Dennis

Alex gave practical advice on how to integrate French in everyday French so that the exposure is constant, continual and subconscious.

Sarah R

Alex's impressive experience, expertise and positive energy were invaluable in helping my daughter gain insight and confidence.

Lien T. (VCE mum)

Bonjour! Moi, c'est Alex.

I am so glad you are here, and I will guide you through every step of your French journey.

There is nothing that I love more than sharing my language and culture.

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All members and non-members of The French Hack really get spoilt with heaps of French goodness all the time.

From free monthly classes to bilingual coffee meet-ups, there is always something fun happening at The French Hack.